Wines and sparkling Wines that accompany moments of joy and success which will remain in your memory. Rafael Domínguez Remy
A biologist by training, I found in wine marketing the way to get closer to nature and to the people who work the landscapes, offering a delicate product designed to be shared.

In my Mediterranean culture, wine and cava are typically associated with celebrations and social events, where good company and the joys of life are enjoyed.

Since 2007, I have been dedicated to the export of selected wines and cavas all over the world, to accompany those fleeting moments of joy that remain in our memories.


The Akelarres were nocturnal gatherings held clandestinely during the Middle Ages. Mysterious and magical rituals around a bonfire that brought together people with great knowledge of plants. Men and women who escaped from routine in search of the freedom to express and be themselves.

It is because of this sense of creative and liberating gathering, and the transmission of traditional popular knowledge (in our case, wine production) that we have chosen the word Akelarre to represent our cherished wine and sparkling wine project.
The world of wine and cava is the story of the efforts of generations who have managed to get the best out of a grape that grows heroically in soils that squeeze it to achieve its best expression, reflecting in it the landscape that has seen it grow. The aim of Akelarre Wines is to share the unique characteristics of these wines, cavas and sparkling wines through a portfolio that will delight you.
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